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Back from dead

The last time i've been active in LJ was in 2014... 3 years ago. orz

Have been busy with work and all (reading JP web novel in syosetu "moonlight" and all those BL novel sites actually) XD

I wanna try translating except for the fact that my grammar is no good.…(´;ω;`) ~so many untranslated BL goodness for sake! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

Kindergarten teacher

I just started working as the title above~
It's exciting and new for me, since I'm the youngest child. Taking care and teaching the kids are very overwhelming, tiring yet fun. I enjoy it a lot :D


I really want to buy some djs, but shipping them across country is really really pricey... I'm going bankrupt at this rate T^T


I hope this thesis will be over (completed) soon. Writing this stressing me outtttttttt =x=


I haven't draw for months now... Being busy with thesis really killed most of my time. I really miss holding a pencil and make a sketch ;A;
I haven't been able to upload any new drawing to my DA account too... Ah... I hope my drawing skill wouldn't get rusty...

I currently got hooked up with Katekyo Hitman Reborn, even though it kind of late i guess... I love love love Hibari! especially TYL! Hibari! OMG! He grow up into such bishie, I was drooling the whole time I read the future arc in the manga. I'm really itching to draw some TYL!Hibari right now. I want to draw hiiiiiiimmmmmmmm!!! (But I don't have enough time, especially since I need at least freaking 6 hours just to draw one sketch... (I'm a slowpoke, I know... huff).


Just been back from Japan. Japan is really an amazing country. It was so clean, compared to the country I'm living at. The road, park and especially the restroom was all so freaking clean! (I actually visit all of the restrooms wherever I was going and whenever I could find one, lol).

I went to Animate!!!!! I couldn't possible missed it, especially when I visited Japan. OMG! There was heaven, I tell you! So many awesome things I had only been drooling at in the past. I would have bought them all, if I brought more money with me (which is impossible since I'm a poor college student hahaha).

So yeah, I settled with only buying doujinshi. I bought four doujinshi, two Kurobasu and two Durarara. The KnB one was all Akakuro pair by Ricca (The author name coincidentally the same with my username wwwww). They are so cuteeeee! akjdbdsdbsxcbjsxfjas I felt satisfied, even if I just stared at the art (but fortunately I could read more or less japanese, so that's even better XD).
The Drrr ones are from Suidoku (my fave doujinka) and UNAP. Suidoku one was so extremely cute and fluffy, either the art and the story. I love love them so much <3 and UNAP also really adorable. Just my luck, eventhough I kinda grab them from the stacks, judging from the cover only, LOL.
They're the only flesh doujinshi that I owned, so they totally are my babies <3 <3 <3 (I'm actually thinking of buying a locked box just to ensure their safety wwwwwww ;D)

New Obssession

it's been a while since the last time i wrote an entry down. well, i'd been busy with college and i spent all my college break with my family, so yeah... family vacation, it was really fun! i really miss them! (because of college, i live alone, since my hometown didn't have an university) XD
and in the mean time, i discovered my new obssession, it was the almighty DURARARA!!! for you who don't know, durarara is a light novel written by ryohgo narita. it is one epic novel, an amazing plot-line and bunch of amazing character!! actually it was one of its character that got me hooked up so badly, its most awesome villain, Orihara Izaya! (i can't even describe to you how deeply i'm in love with him), my attachment turned into obssession in no time at all! Love you, izaya-kun!
ok, i think i better stop here, before i rambling non-stop about (how great) he was.. yeah... i can even write an essay about this if i want to... so, let's stop here...
i'll write again when i have time~

The usual Anime watching Days~

as usual, i always spend my free time by watching anime or reading manga.. i just bought a whole bunch of manga-order it from online book store~ it was really convenient and easy to use. i thought about collecting 07 ghost( i own the book from vol 2-6, ongoing), library war, nabari no ou, and many more :D
i just borrow some dorama from my friend and find it difficult to actually finished it up. i think i borrowed too many, while i got many other things that i have to do. the good things is, this friend of mine is really generous, that she doesn't mind lending it to me, for as long as i want (till i finished it).
oh, btw, i just got some of my exam result, and it was not a good news. i actually screwed it up quite a bit, and now i got to make a come back in my mid-test exam month from now. well, i guess i really need to be more serious at studying (i know but i just can't find the will to do it X.X). from the time being, i just need to try harder, i guess. well, that's it...


exam END

hooray~ I've finally finished my exam! Banzai! now, i have few days before my college's time started again, so i just going to spend it by watching all my waiting list animes.. I'm so excited that i barely have enough sleep (>x<) and when i have enough time to fooling around, i thought i may as well updating my LJ~ and so here I am :P
recently, i helped my oldest sister babysitting her son, in other words my nephew.. he is my first nephew, only one month old, and so you know, baby that age is really really troublesome. because my sis wanted to have a break and so she asked me to come with her shopping, "SHE'S SHOPPING AND I HAVE TO HELPED HER TAKING CARE OF HER SON THAT SHE BOUGHT ALONG". i don't mind at all taking care of a kid, since i like children, but the problem is :
1. he poop on me (OH NOOOOO!!)
2. He vomit on me (2nd OH NOOO!)
and so i ended up having to wash myself and my clothes that had been stained by his poop and things(mostly liquid) that he vomit, in the Mall washroom, and i don't care anymore that i smell really bad all day outside(and you know why)
and now i know that i actually has to think again whether i want or prepared to have baby in the future m(_    _)m


Exam, exam, exam, just by seeing this words make me despair. i hate the fact that i need to study hard that make me lack of sleep. I've done two subject exam for now, and oh well, i got a break for a few days before my exam days again. so now, i gonna waste my time by watching an animes :D i'm engrossed in soccer anime for now, i used up my days by watching Inazuma Eleven (i know this one is a really old anime) and Ginga e kick-off.. for now, i gonna make sure to use my very little break time to watch all animes i wanted to see.. Stand up! Stand up! Tachiagare yo! (i ended up remember inazuma eleven song and singing it over and over again like an idiot, lol :p )



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